Poster Printing Instructions

Oral Presentations:

Each platform presentation will be 12 min in length followed by 3 min of discussion. As the discussion period has been an important component of this symposium historically, presenters are encouraged to adhere to these time limits to avoid limiting the opportunity for discussion.

All presentations should be formatted using Microsoft Powerpoint. Both PC and Macintosh support will be available to presenters.

Poster presentations

Poster presentations for NRM2010 should be formatted with dimensions not to exceed 841mm WIDE by 1188mm HIGH. Posters will be mounted on posterboards mounted with the long dimension vertically (as they were in NRM '08). Each poster should include the presentation number in the upper right hand corner.

A poster printing service is available for NRM2010 delegates. Please email contact@nrm10 for details All posters must be received in Adobe PDF format by July 5, 2010. Posters must be picked up and paid for at the conference registration counter on July 22, 2010 from 9AM - 12 noon. If your travel arrangements are such that you are unable to retrieve your poster during that time, please contact us to make special arrangements.

Poster Prize
Prizes will be awarded to the best poster in each category Four poster prizes of £300, funded by Nexxus Scotland (, will be awarded (one in each theme). One other poster prize (£300, also funded by Nexxus Scotland) also will be awarded to the best lay summary on a poster. So to be considered for this award, please include a lay summary (no more than 150 words) on your poster.

Judging will take during the course of the meeting. The five winners will be asked to present a short oral presentation (5 min + 5 min for questions), so please prepare for this in advanced.

Glasgow Science Centre